Way Project - 5th Virtual Coordinators meeting

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5th online coordinators meeting of WAY program
An online meeting on the European WAY project took place on 23/11/2021 at 15.00 CEST, where important decisions were taken regarding the progress of the program's tasks as well as the live meetings. More specifically it was decided:

- send the interim evaluation of the program to the coordinator by the end of November

- the date of a live meeting in Portugal for teacher training

- the date of the meeting of the members of the program in Poland

- drafting guidelines - needs analysis, and setting up discussion - reflexion groups in order to expand in depth the elements that should be reflected in the article to be published - IO1

- launching an investigation into a research methodology for completing IO2 delivery

- updating the website and through social networking with the news of the program

- updating the project delivery schedule and deliverables based on scheduled live appointments

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