Way Project – Warsaw Meeting, Poland

The second meeting (TPM) of the European Erasmus + program entitled “Whole-school Approach for Youth with migrant background – WAY” hosted in Warsaw, Poland from 16-20 May 2022.

The partners that participated, each with two participants (teachers, researchers, etc.) were the organization “Ecepaa” from Belgium, which is also the coordinator of the project, the organization “Fundacion Red Incola” from Spain, the University “Università Degli Studi Di Milano-Bicocca” from Italy, the school complex ” Agrupamento de Escolas de Silves “from Portugal, the organization” The Autokreacja Foundation “from Poland, the 2nd EPAL of Katerini from Greece and the school unit” IIS Laeng Meucci “from Italy.

The TPM, took place in Warsaw and organized and hosted by the partner “Autokreacja Foundation” after several online meetings held between the partners via Zoom in the previous period, aimed to further discuss the results of the need analysis performed by each partner and the preparation of the article-publication of the IO1.

At the beginning of the meeting the agenda of the TPM was presented (Gabriele Sospiro). Afterwards, Dr. Vittorio Lanutti presented the final combined need analysis performed by the results of each partner. A roundtable took place to further investigate and discuss the data emerged by the report (Prof. Veronica Velasco). Moreover, a work group implemented on the needs emerged.

The second day of the TPM, the partners visited the Liceum Ogolnoksaztalcace and Szkola Podstawowa schools, that hosting many migrant students (especially from Ukraine lately). The visit to the school was really interesting and the partners informed by the director and teachers about the problems and challenges they face in order to respond to particularly critical and urgent situations. The partners were guided through the school’s infrastructure and had the opportunity to visit classes and chat with students concerning the project’s issues.

Later were organized working groups about the strategy to be implemented to use in order to make teacher colleagues understand how it is important that the health promotion activities are carried out by the teachers after a training.

Furthermore, a dissemination and communication update (website, facebook page, general strategy for dissemnating the project ) was performed by Dr. Sidiropoulos Dimitrios.

Project next steps (organization’s strength and shortcoming descriptions report, methodological guidelines) were presented by Dr. Gabriele Sospiro.

Finally, it was decided the time of monthly online meetings for the progress of the work of the project as well as the next meeting in Silves, Portugal (Septemeber 2022) for the Training of participants. Also the evaluation of the meeting took place.